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Episode 19: The Rachel Dolezal Crayola Experience


While Kaz is on the mend with an illness, Derek and Rob are ready and able for a new episode of the Exit 50A Podcast!

Derek has returned from his trip to Buffalo with some rather sobering news that doesn’t involve digesting chicken wings. Meanwhile, Rob learns about potential Mummer spies checking in on the show.

Elsewhere, the duo tackles a Vietnamese man who hasn’t clipped his fingernails in nearly 40 years; the controversial Rachel Dolezal explaining that she is “too black” for her husband; a bizarre meeting with an Uber driver; a potential O.J. Simpson/Casey Anthony reality show; and more.

Also, a Question of the Week segment debuts about Vice President Mike Pence and his apparent fear of being seen out with another woman besides his wife.

It’s an explosive, new edition of the Exit 50A Podcast!

Much love and respect to our new listeners in Japan, Canada, and Pakistan!

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