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Episode 20: The Fall of United Airlines/My Roommate’s An Escort


Derek & Rob bring you an all-new edition of the Exit 50A Podcast and this time they brought reinforcements.

Off The Exit features Katie Uhlmann and Trish Rainone, the stars of a new comedy web series called My Roommate’s An Escort. They stop by the show to discuss their new web series and talk about the Canadian dating scene, acting, bad roommates, and much more.

Elsewhere, Derek & Rob cover the United Airlines controversy. Dr. David Dao was roughed up during a United Airlines and had to be dragged off the plane to accommodate higher priority passengers.

We discuss how the company incorrectly handled the incident; say so long to a local business in Glassboro; dive into Mexico’s handling of public transportation issues; and much more!

It’s the Easter edition of the Exit 50A Podcast!

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Follow Katie Uhlmann on Twitter: @KatieUhlmann

Follow Trish Rainone on Twitter: @TrishRainone


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