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Episode 21: The Taco Bell Cinco de Mayo Special

For the first time since January, Derek, Rob, & Kaz are together in the same place, at the same time for the latest edition of the Exit 50A Podcast.

The trio’s return also means another edition of Fast Food Frenzy as Derek, Rob, & Kaz dive into the world of Taco Bell.

This wide-ranging episode celebrates Cinco De Mayo and delves into many probing topics including:

  • Platonic Friends: Legit or Fake
  • The legacy of Hillary Clinton w/a not-so special return appearance by the Trump Train.
  • Hazing in an Ivy League male-singing group.
  • How chicken nuggets recently played into a prostitution arrest.

Elsewhere, a new Off The Exit takes a look at the Video Game Hall of Fame and the gang offers their thoughts on possible additions.

Plus, find out where the Exit 50A Podcast will be headed this summer.

HINT: We’re making a trip overseas.

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