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Episode 25: Year 2 Starring OJ Simpson, Hot Dogs, & Chuck Berry

OJ25.jpgAfter a rip-roaring anniversary show, the gang is back to open a new year in rather unusual fashion.

Year 2 of the Exit 50A Podcast begins with a bang as Derek, Kaz, and Rob convene over numerous issues including:

  • OJ Simpson is granted parole. What are his first moves after getting out of jail?
  • The bizarre tale of late musician Chuck Berry and his perverted habits with women.
  • A new idea for the gang’s old friends from Scoop Dog.
  • Derek’s interpretation of where the “midwest” portion of the United States is located.

Plus, ICYMI runs the gamut with a story about a woman dubbed the “Million Dollar Ho”; new innovation in China that may save marriages; how Barack Obama and Winnie the Pooh contributed to censorship issues in China; and much more.

And in the main event (and the newest edition of Off The Exit), the gang participates in the first-ever Exit 50A Podcast Hot Dog Eating Challenge in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

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